Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Proud Purveyors of Pork...

Our first stop in Austin (before going anywhere near our motel) was Frank!

 We'd heard about Frank through a load of design blogs, not only because of all their brilliant branding and design, but because the restaurant was set up by a team of designers rather than restauranteurs. Some of the people at Helms Workshop (an amazing design studio) wanted somewhere to go to enjoy gourmet hotdogs and great beer, but couldn't find anywhere near them in Austin... so the decided to open their own place!

All the design at Frank is brilliant, from the menus to the pictures on the walls, they're all great...

 The food was amazing too...

We had a Jackalope (antelope and rabbit) sausage and a Notorious P.I.G (topped with Mac n' Cheese) which were both absolutely DELICIOUS! (We also had a token salad, just so we didn't feel too bad).

I think we could have just stayed there all afternoon, waiting until we were hungry again to try more of their amazing sausages... they're open for breakfast so maybe I should stop blogging and go and get some hotdogs!

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