Saturday, October 26, 2013

Camp Curry...

We arrived at the awesome Yosemite National Park in the afternoon and had a beautiful drive through the park to where we'd be staying for the night, at Camp Curry!

 We 'checked-in' at the main office, where a ranger gave us a briefing about bears and food storage (we weren't allowed to keep anything remotely food related in the car as the bears will peel off the car doors to get to it! We also had to keep any food items in a special food storage unit outside our room, we had to keep all toiletries in there too because bears could smell them and think they were food!), she then gave us a map which showed us where we'd be staying...

 We had a little tent cabin (thankfully, a heated one)!!!

 All the little huts were underneath the amazingly tall redwood trees which were shadowed by the huge cliffs all around us. Everywhere you looked you got an stunning view of part of the forest or the park - the view from our front door wasn't bad either...

It was so much fun 'camping' in Yosemite - Camp Curry's was great, they had a lodge with a restauranty/canteeny bit and a pizza patio and a bar, there were toilets and showers and during the summer there's a pool and an outdoor theatre - they must have some pretty fun summer camps for children!

As soon as it got dark we kept an ear out for bears, but all we could hear was the German's in the tent next door playing board games.

We were very grateful of our little electric heater in the tent, it got blummin' chilly during the night, but we got a pretty good nights sleep and woke up feeling ready to go and see some more of Yosemite!

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