Monday, April 22, 2013

Sun Studios...

After a brief trip to the Gibson shop we drove down the road to Sun Studios...

This is the place where Elvis was discovered and where Johnny Cash first recorded and where Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins recorded all their hits too!

It was originally set up as a the Memphis Recording Service and they would record 'anything, anytime, anywhere' so birthday parties, school concerts, they even recorded a funeral once?!

It later became a music recording studio and then a record company...

Inside the studio, not much has changed infact the wall and ceiling tiles are the exact same ones that were there back on day one, they even have the original mic that Elvis used to record Hound Dog!

It's a surprisingly small space and the tour consists of two rooms, one 'museum' room full of memorabilia and then downstairs in the recording studio itself.

It's amazing how well it's all been preserved, especially as the studio was left unused for several years - but luckily it's all still there, and it's even still being used as a recording studio today!

It was great to see it and another amazing musical landmark. It's a shame recording studios aren't quite as iconic as they used to be, I suppose now people just make their music on their computers, but I hope places like Sun Studios will stay around for a long time yet.

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