Friday, April 26, 2013

Nashville to Knoxville...

Another day, another long drive, another BIG breakfast! This time we stopped off at an IHOP about an hour outside of Nashville. It felt like it was a little town in the middle of nowhere and that everyone from the town had gone to IHOP for their Sunday breakfast - it was rammed!

We got the feeling we were in a fairly religious part of Tennessee too, lots of people looked like they were on their way to or back from Church and our waiter had definitely found peace with God. After ordering he said 'Y'all enjoy each other' and then as he brought us our bill he told us that we were 'enchanting'... ?!

With that, we headed back out on the road heading towards Knoxville.

The journey was a bit odd in that we drove through a timezone, so there was a bit of confusion over exactly what time it was and what time we'd actually arrive at our destination, with the car clock, our watches and the Sat nav all saying different times - but we weren't in too much of a hurry so it was OK.

We also didn't mind what time we arrived because we were being entertained by all the unusual shops along the way. We stopped off at a particular one because Abi was in the market for some Native America moccasins, so we popped in to see what else they had on offer...

They seemed to cater for both Cowboys and Indians!

I wonder how much of this stuff they actually sold - it was a pretty big shop and there was only one other customer in there other than us. I suppose they just need to sell a couple of those bullhorns and they've covered the rent for a couple of weeks. 

 I was tempted by a hand crafted leather gun holster... or the big Indian Head Dress, I think it might have been tricky to drive the rest of the way wearing it though.

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