Saturday, April 20, 2013

Jack's BBQ...

Somehow, in all our planning for the trip, we forgot to look up where to get the best BBQ in Nashville! But, sometimes not planning stuff works out WAY better - Abi picked out a place called Jack's Bar-B-Que, nestled in between two very loud and busy places, so we thought we'd give it a try...

As soon as we walked in we could smell the delicious smokey smell and we saw that it was a 'pay by the pound' kind of place, which is always a good sign - plus they had a cow's head on the wall too...

 We had to queue for about 15-20 minutes before it was our turn to list off the meats we'd try, between us we had Tennessee style ribs, pulled pork shoulder, smokey chicken, brisket, baked beans (I seem to like beans now, but only with BBQ!),  green beans and some mac n' cheese... so just a little snack really!

Each state in middle America has it's own way of doing BBQ and their own style of BBQ sauce, so after you get your meat you can go and pick which sauces you'd like. We went for some Tennessee and some Louisiana, which were more like the normal BBQ sauces, but some states have really runny sauces, some have more mustards sauces, some have super hot sauces, some have super sweet sauces... people are very particular about their BBQ over here. As long as it's meaty I don't mind!

The ribs were absolutely AMAZING and the brisket was delicious! It was all so so tasty... we just inhaled it all and instantly wanted to go up and order the same again. When we did raise our heads from the mountain of meat on our table we saw that the queue was now out the door and going up the road a bit - so we picked the right time to come.

It was some of the best BBQ we'd had, so following our noses - or Abi's nose - paid off. When we got back to the hotel I got onto google to see what it said the best BBQ in Nashville was... it turns out Abi's got a knack for spotting greatness as Jack's came out at the top of quite a few of the lists!

All in all, our first day (or not even a full day) in Tennessee was bloody brilliant and we couldn't wait for day two!

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