Friday, April 26, 2013


The real reason for driving 200+ to Knoxville was to pay a little visit to Dollywood, and someone was VERY excited to be there...

In the middle of the mountains, surrounded by beautiful countryside was Dollywood - a Disney World for country music fans... and Abi.

It was actually VERY impressive, I was expecting it to be a shabby version of Alton Towers, but it was really good - it really did feel like a smaller version of Frontier Land at Disney... the roller-coasters were far FAR scarier than either of us were expecting too!

It wasn't very busy - I suppose it was a Sunday and not in the summer, but it was great being able to just walk onto the rides.

As well as all the rides they have lots of little shops and workshops where they make olde American type things, there was an iron workers, a glass blower, a hat maker and a wagon workshop...

We bought a coulpe of lovely little iron skillets which I think I've now ruined by putting in the dishwasher... I should have read the little booklet that came with them - Oh well, at least we have an excuse for going back there now. Well, that and to buy one of these wonderful hats...

I think it merges quite wonderfully with Abi's hair! I don't think she was quite as impressed though.

Dollywood even has it's own mini version of the Epcot Center - lots of food stalls selling 'authentic' food from around the world - when we were buying a little snack the lady behind the counter asked Abi to repeat what she'd said and then asked me to say it too... at first we thought she couldn't hear us properly but then she said 'I could listen to y'all talkin' all day. I love y'ar accents!' 

It was a funny old day in Knoxville, a great day and a very different place to Memphis, Nashville or Lynchburg - I think it was more of a taste of what the middle bits of Tennessee are like.

We headed back to Nashville, driving through a HUGE rain storm and then a beautiful sunset...

It had been a long weekend of long journeys, but finishing our final marathon journey by driving into the sunset seemed very fitting.

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