Friday, April 26, 2013

Ending on a High...

We couldn't really think of any way that could have made our Tennessee trip any better, but then just as we were walking to our gate at Nashville Airport we spotted this man...

It's BILLY RAY 'Achy Breaky Heart/Miley's Dad' CYRUS!

We weren't sure at first, but we did some serious googling when we got back and found a very recent photo of him with this new doo and we also found out that he was in Nashville when we were... so it was definitely him!

We had the most amazing time in Tennessee, the countryside was so beautiful, the driving was great fun, the places we went were amazing, the music was fantastic, the people were lovely, the food was incredible... it was all perfect.

(I hope all the pictures weren't too boring - it's taken to write about our trip than the trip took itself!)

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