Tuesday, February 19, 2013


We'd been given a recommendation from someone at work - and from Abi's 'Layover' app that Michael's Geniune Food and Drink was the place to go and eat in Miami, so we made a reservation for Sunday evening and walked over there from Wynwood.

Don't judge them by their branding - Michael's was absolutely amazing!

All the food is super fresh - they're a farm to table restaurant so all the ingredients are fresh and local, and they even have their own very tasty home brew beer. The menu was split up in sizes rather than courses, so there were small, medium, large and extra large plates - the extra large plates were things like whole red snappers and whole chickens (all cooked to order - so you had to hang on an hour if you wanted the chicken)!

We went for a medium plate each to start - Abi had a delicious crab cake with a poached eggs on top and I had the most incredibly deliciously, amazingly, tasty, pork belly I have EVER had. It was so so tender and the skin was ridiculously crispy - like aromatic crispy duck kind of crispy. I can still taste it now... Mmmmmmmmm!

Then we shared an incredible pizza which was up there, if not better than anything we've had in New York...

Then we shared some home made donuts (complete with little donut holes too) which came with some lemony ricotta and a little ramakin thing full of creamy lemony goodness. It was like a deconstructed cheesecake... so obviously Miss Turner was VERY happy.

It was one of the best meals I've had in a long long time - it was all so fresh and delicious... it was amazing. It was lovely to be able to sit outside and enjoy all this delicious food after a busy day of adventuring around Miami. It was perfect.


  1. maybe, just maybe, we'll get ourselves to Miami and try out Michael's. Your trip sounds like a great success - where to next???

  2. Maybe one day I could take you for dinner there?!

    It was a fantastic trip... this whole working in between trips is a bit annoying though - we'll have to plan out next one soon.