Thursday, February 28, 2013

Brooklyn Brainery...

Abi recently discovered the Brooklyn Brainery - a little place in Carroll Gardens that offers all sorts of classes and courses. So last night we went along to see what it was like...

It was a lovely little place, just two rooms, which looked like two neighbouring shops that had been joined together. There were all sorts of tools and frames and things up on the shelves as they seem to run so many different classes, from cooking to stand up comedy.

Being incredibly interested in current events, classic literature, scientific theories and stuff like that, we thought the best class to go to would be one about...

We went to an evening class to learn all about Nintendo - the history of Nintendo and the influence their hardware has had over the gaming world.

It was actually VERY interesting and really fun - and it felt like a very Brooklyny thing to do.

The guy running the class was a SUPER Nintendo fan, he had an official Nintendo satchel full of nearly every GameBoy ever released as well as all sorts of different controllers... and he knew a LOT about Nintendo. It was all really interesting - and I learnt quite a lot, and now Abi and I want to play a LOT more Super Mario!

We're definitely going to keep an eye out for more classes at the Brooklyn Brainery - they're all really affordable (this one was only $10) and they all sound really fun.

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