Saturday, February 9, 2013

BB Without The Queue...

Like any adventurer who'd spent the morning trudging around in the snow, I needed some sustenance when I got back to Brooklyn. Something delicious and meaty... BBQ!

Abi and I went to Fette Sau hoping that the snow might mean a smaller queue than usual (last time we went, with Tom, it was a 2 hour wait!). So when we got there and didn't see ANY queue we were a bit worried, was it closed?

Nope! It was open and smelling absolutely delicious! We went in and ordered ourselves a tray of brisket, pulled pork, pork belly, ribs and sausages with some beans, bread rolls and some crackling (we didn't eat the crackling, so that makes it healthy)!

Fette Sau is - by far - the BEST BBQ food I've ever had and I think it might just be my favourite restaurant in New York... It's amazing.

So, top tip - if you want to avoid a 2 hour wait outside for some delicious BBQ (although it's worth every minute) - wait until the day after a snowstorm and you can walk right in!

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