Sunday, September 9, 2012

New York's Century Bike Tour...

This morning, I unintentionally took part in the New York Century Bike Tour!

It was completely by accident - but it was a nice accident. I was out cycling before breakfast, quite happily pootling around making my way to Prospect Park - I thought I'd go and do a lap of the park as we'd never cycled there before.

As I got closer to the park I was noticing more and more cyclists in the cycle lanes, and by the time I reached the big arch at the top of the park there were loads of us, spilling out of the bike lanes in to the main road. Then I noticed wardens and police around, stopping traffic and directing the cyclists!

It turned out that Prospect Park was a section of the 100 mile route for the Century Bike Tour. The tour is a 100 miles through all 5 boroughs, which you can join in for as much or as little as you want - hence we I was able to just tag on at the park.

Some of the cyclists looked very professional in all their gear... I, on the other-hand stuck out like a sore thumb, but I was keeping up with them... well, on the downhill bits at least!

Century Tour aside, Prospect Park is a BEAUTIFUL park to cycle round - it's a really nice loop (between 3-4 miles I think) with a lovely long downhill bit and a bit of a brutal up hill bit and some nice flat bits inbetween. There are lakes and meadowy bits, like in Central Park, but it's so much closer to us.

I will definitely be cycling round there again, very soon. It ended up being a very enjoyable 10 mile loop from the apartment, round the park and back. So now I've got a 5 mile loop and a 10 mile loop sorted.

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