Sunday, September 16, 2012

Biking About...

On Saturday morning I went for an explore on my bike. I ended up cycling down to the Old Bush Terminal in Brooklyn, near Redhook. It was a bit of an industrially area, but I went there because I'd seen some photos of the area and it looked interesting.

It turned out there was interesting stuff all the way along my journey too...

It was really nice cycling back through the Park Slope area, down the leafy, brownstone lined streets. The weather was absolutely perfect and I had so much fun discovering new areas of Brooklyn. I made a note of a couple places that I want to go back to - Baked In Brooklyn especially...

 It wasn't really the journey that I'd do again, I was sort of meandering about a bit, but it ended up being a nearly 13 mile loop - not bad before breakfast. I'm really loving having my bike back in action. I think this Autumn will be the season of cycling for us... well, if the weather stays like this it will be!


  1. Is that the sameAmerican Eagle outfitters that have stores today? X

  2. I'm not sure if it's the same one... I could investigate and find out... it'd be funny if it is. I found out that the McGovern Weir building was an old florist, it's been abandoned for ages but isn't being demolished... someone must be protecting it.