Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Buses, Boats and Bloody Big Buildings...

After returning back to earth from the 110th floor, we had a day of soaking in Chicago and all it's amazing architecture. Using the hop on and off buses to make our way to the Navy Pier, and then getting on a boat and taking an architecture tour of the city.

The architecture in Chicago is absolutely spectacular. New York has some awesome buildings, but Chicago has such a variety of architectural styles. A lot of Chicago had to be rebuilt after the great fire, so they've taken advantage of starting a fresh, and creating some really stunning buildings.

The tours were really interesting (the tour guides were questionable, but that didn't matter), it was great to hear the history of some of the buildings, hearing who designed all the buildings, hearing about which films were filmed where, hearing about which buildings were linked to which famous Chicagoans etc.

I especially liked hearing about the filming of The Dark Knight and which buildings and streets were used in that... you definitely feel like you're in Gotham City in some parts of Chicago.

Anyway, here are some of the amazing buildings...

 There were so many more amazing buildings and the boat tour was the perfect way to see them all.

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