Sunday, September 16, 2012

Audrey Kawasaki...

After my rooftop adventure I walked a few blocks down to the Jonathan LeVine gallery (where Abi and I went a couple of weeks ago) to see the Audrey Kawasaki exhibition.

I absolutely love Audrey Kawasaki's style of illustration - she draws directly onto wood, and then paints incredibly fine, semi transparent figures, so the wood grain shows through. Sometimes she cuts decorative edges round the wood too, but for most of the pieces in this exhibition, she just had nice frames instead...

I'd only ever seen her stuff on the internet or in illustration magazines, so to be able to see it in real life and get up close and see the brush strokes on the wood - it was amazing.

I was flicking through the price list of the work, all the stuff in the fancy frames were in the three to six thousands (I suppose because they were all hand painted originals) but some of her prints were below $500... which doesn't seem toooooo bad.

Maybe by the time I have my own design studio I'll be able to afford a print of two. Until then I'll make do with the free oversized postcard they were giving out at the gallery!

I'm glad we found out about the Jonathan LeVine gallery, both times we've been there have been great exhibitions on, hopefully there'll be some other good ones before the end of the year.

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