Monday, July 9, 2012

Top Hops...

The main reason we were stopping off on Orchard Street was to go to Top Hops - a rather fantastic beer shop, tucked away down a quiet street in SoHo.

Top Hops has been doing the rounds on the design blogs recently - for it's brilliant type on the wall as you walk in, but also for all their branding on their growlers and beer mats too.

The shop itself is very impressive, there are shelves and shelves of beer bottles and growlers as you walk in, then there's a long bar with 20 beers on draft, and at the far end of the shop there are two fridge lined walls full of over 700 beers from around the world!

You can sit up at the bar, try one of their 20 beers (that change over, we were there at the right time as it was all American beers on draft!). They also serve bar snacks that compliment the different beers, like cheese and cold cooked meats.

We had a little try of a couple of beers and got a 32oz growler of each. They were very reasonably priced - especially considering you get to keep the fantastic branded glass flip-top growler - which you take back with you next time and fill it up with something different.

It was a great little shop, it was definitely somewhere for beer lovers and the guys behind the counter looked like they knew their stuff (pouring themselves little tasters ever now and then). All the branding and design was absolutely brilliant - they'd done such a great job with everything.

It's definitely a place I'll go back to for special occasions and special visitors... like July 4th BBQs with Abi and Tom!

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