Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Borough No. 5 - Brooklyn...

On to the fifth and final borough, the county of Kings, the one and only - Brooklyn!

We thought we'd end the 5 Borough/5 Dog Challenge in style, at Abi's and my favourite BBQ place, Fette Sau where Tom very kindly took us for tea.

We've always had to queue whenever we've been to Fette Sau, but this time I think it was the longest queue yet - it went all the way from the meat counter, all inside the indoor seating bit, out the door, down the wall of the outdoor eating bit and out onto the street... and it didn't seem to be moving very fast and it was still very, very hot outside.

It was OK though, it gave us time to digest the other 4 hot dogs we'd eaten and time to sample some of their beers on tap - all served in jam jars of course! The queueing was also made more tolerable by the old New Yorker in front of us who struck up a conversation with Tom, and then told us what New York was like when he was growing up there. I don't think there wouldn't have been many places like Fette Sau around back then.

Eventually we made it to meat counter where we ordered a feast fit for 5 Borough Champions! We went to sit outside where Abi had been reserving a prime spot for us, and set about constructing hot dog  number 5 out of a very tasty spicy BBQ sausage...

 The food was, as ever, absolutely delicious - I think their brisket is some of the most delicious meat I've ever had... I think I'd happily queue every day to have a BBQed brisket sandwich... Mmm mmm!

It was the perfect way to end a long, hot, 5 Borough Challenge, and a completed challenge at that.

Borough No. 5 - Done!

5 Borough Challenge - COMPLETE!

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