Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mini Golf...

On Sunday afternoon Abi and I headed back to Pier 26 for a spot of golf...

The mini golf course on the pier look like it's brand new. It's an 18 hole course all cleverly contained within a tiny area on the pier, with water falls, fountains and bridges to navigate under, round and over.

Our surroundings were pretty amazing too, with beautiful steamboats to one side and views of the World Trade to the other...

It was pretty busy, with people of all ages there, having a great time. The children behind us were pretty good, I think the boy must have been about 3 and was getting hole in ones!

Talking of hole in ones, guess who managed to get one... me! Having said that Abi and I also managed to lose our golf balls in the fountain after mis judging the bridge on hole 15.

It was really great fun and being by the river was lovely and relaxing.

It was a perfect sunny Sunday afternoon.

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