Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Borough No. 4 - Queens...

The 4th and penultimate stop on the challenge was the Mets CitiField Stadium in Queens.

We arrived, along with thousands of other people, to see the Mets play the Chicago Cubs in one the seemingly many games they were playing against each other over the week. 

A hot dog of a different kind - this fine looking fella was waiting outside the stadium ready for fan photos. He was incredibly well trained, he put his paw round people who knelt down for a photo - almost as if putting his arm round them. I have no idea how that pipe was staying in his mouth, but it stayed in there the whole time!

We'd managed to get a special deal on the tickets where for a very reasonable $25 you got a free hot dog or buger, fries and a drink, we also got a free mini wooden baseball bat as we walked in, and our seats were pretty blummin' good too!

Before long we were tackling (free) hot dog number four and enjoying the game...

As far as baseball goes, it was a pretty exciting game - the Mets were winning from the second inning, having lost to the Cubs the night before...

 Tom and I must have been a good luck charm, because the Mets went on to win the whole game! But we couldn't stay and celebrate too long, we had a challenge of our own to defeat, we still had one borough and one hot dog to go.

So we left Queens, back on the 7 train and headed down the home straight to Brooklyn.

Borough No. 4 - Done!

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