Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Head Chop...

This evening Abi and I popped into a funny little place on Berry Street called Head Chop.

From the outside, it just looks like you're going down to a basement apartment, but inside it's a small shop/art studio/hair salon full of amazing stuff...

Head Chop is the hair salon part of the shop, but there are lots of things for sale that have been created by artist Clinton Van Germer - there are his Head Hoods (hoodies with pictures on the side of the hoods), his Brooklyn Nets tshirts, his 'I can't afford to love New York' t-shirts, his handmade wallets...

 I'd actually seen Mr Van Germer's stuff up on the walls around Brooklyn but didn't know that it was his work, I'd also seen his brilliant little three-wheeler-moto-buggy thing parked around Brooklyn too, so it was great to put a name to the work (and face as he was there) and to find where to buy stuff with his designs on. Abi got a great Brooklyn Nets jumper (with free bag which I'm going to steal) - it's so soft!

Talking of soft, I think the best thing about the whole shop (other than all the amazing tshirts and jumpers and wallets and screen printing on the walls, retro hair dressing stuff and other bits and pieces just lying around...) was the lovely, calm and amazingly cute and cuddly dog that greets you as you walk in! I was very tempted to put him in Abi's bag and take him home with us.

It was a funny little place, but a great place too - it was like a little hidden Aladin's cave of creativity and a very 'Brooklyn' kind of place too... a nice bit of inspiration for a Tuesday evening.

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