Friday, March 15, 2013

Country Corner...

On Wednesday Abi and I were mooching around Williamsburg and we came across a little corner that felt like it had been transported right out of middle America...

 An absolutely beautiful matte black Chevy pickup parked infront of a corrugated iron clad barn-like building...? We'd definitely walked down that road before and not seen the big American flag, or the 'Empanadas and Pizzas' painted on the wall, we'd not seen the corrugated iron either. I think it might have been recycled from a previous building somewhere and repurposed to skin this building.

It looked fantastic!

Luckily for us it was right round the corner from the Rosarito Fish Shack so we popped in for a drink
and a wee snack (Octopus hotdogs!!!!).

We'll have to keep and eye out and see if the building actually gets turned into a restaurant serving pizza and empenadas or not.

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