Sunday, March 10, 2013

Extra Fancy...

Yesterday we went to a little place called Extra Fancy...

It's just up the road from Fette Sau, and we'd walked passed a few times and said we needed to go and see what it was like... well, it's lovely!

It's a seafood restaurant and bar and is all decked out and decorated with lots of old nic-nacs, old signs and photos and stuff. It felt like we were on holiday in Cape Cod or something.

The food was delicious, Abi had some mighty fine steak and eggs and I had lobster benedict! I think their benny's make the Top 5 of my NY list (Delicatessen's Texas Benedict (with pulled pork) are the best)... but the search continues to find a better eggs benny's than Chatsworth Farmshop!

It was all delicious and the staff were lovely and friendly, the music was good and it felt lovely and relaxing in there. I think we'll be popping back there soon, it'd be nice to be there in the evening, I bet it feels lovely and cozy at night.

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