Tuesday, November 13, 2012


So, after changing our little Catskills getaway plans 3 times already due to blummin' Sandy related stuff, Abi and I had to cancel our trip altogether yesterday. 

Unfortunately due to the fuel shortage in New York and New Jersey, Zipcar had to cancel our reservation which meant we had no way of getting to the Catskills. I would have been very handy if Zipcar hadn't waited until an hour before we were due to leave before telling us this information though - Zipcar, you can expect a strongly worded email on Wednesday.

Anyway,  despite not being able to make it up to the wonderful looking The Graham & Co or Peekamoose (two places we were VERY much looking forward to visiting), we decided to take our two days off work anyway and have a Staycation in New York instead. We are incredibly lucky that if we can't get to go on holiday our second (free) option is New York City!

The weather yesterday was incredible, it was 16 degrees and beautifully sunny, so we went into town and had a delicious brunch sitting outside at the Coffee Shop... outside! In November!

Then we went up to the Lincoln Center to see Skyfall - we got out a couple of stops early so we could see the leaves in Central Park. I was a bit worried that Sandy might have blown them all away, but as soon as we stepped out of the subway station, we were met with this view...


Then it was cinema time. We'd tried to go and see it on Sunday but every single showing was sold out, so we though Monday lunchtime would be much better... and it was, it was just full of older folks and children bunking off school.

The film was BRILLIANT! Everyone cheered when the Aston Martin DB5 appeared, and I probably laughed a little too loudly at the ejector seat bit... but the whole thing was fantastic I thought.

After the film we had stroll through the park. We hadn't been up there in a while so it was lovely to be able to enjoy walking around before the sun went down. I absolutely love Central Park.

There was just time to sit on a bench and share a Belgian waffle before it was time to head back to Brooklyn. We may not have made it to the Catskills, but we had a bloody perfect day in New York instead.

Take that Sandy... and Zipcar!

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