Monday, November 26, 2012

Pies & Thighs...

You wouldn't think it to look at it, but this little place does deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious fried chicken and biscuits...

Just round the corner from the Williamsburg Bridge, at the quieter end of Williamsburg is Pies & Thighs (as seen on the Food Network apparently!).

I mistakenly thought that it was pies as in the chicken and mushroom pies you get at the fish and chip shops back at home, so I got very excited - but it meant pies as in key lime pie and cheesecakes and stuff (so Miss Turner was pleased!).

We went there for a spot of brunch with Amelia, Robyn and Kelly who was over from Arkansas, and I think she felt right at home with the food as it was all fried chicken, grits, biscuits and sausage gravy.

Abi and I couldn't quite stomach the grits or the sausage gravy, so Abi had a 'Lumberjack' - pancakes, eggs, bacon, and homefries, and I had some fried chicken and biscuits.

Biscuits, as I learnt in Arkansas mean something very different in America compared to back at home. Biscuits here are more like really buttery, flakey scones. Scones here are more like big cakey versions of our biscuits... it's all a bit confusing - but biscuits on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean are delicious.

It was really busy when we arrived - we had to wait outside with about 12 other people waiting for tables, and after eating there I can see why there was such a wait. The food was delicious and it was so nice and cozy inside. 

I'd very happily go back for some more of their delicious fried chicken!

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