Monday, November 5, 2012

M Is For Manhattan...

So the G and L trains are still not running, which is a bugger because they're the two trains we take to get to work each day, so this morning's commute was a little different.

We ended getting the M train from a stop about 10 minutes walk away from the apartment. My heart sank as we arrived at the station and saw a queue going all the way down the stairs out of the station and stretching out down the street a little way. 

Luckily (for us, but not for the people in it) the queue was for train tickets, not to get onto the platform, so we were able to skip it and get onto the next train.

All in all our commute wasn't too bad at all, it took 1 hour rather than the usual 30 minutes, and there was a wee bit more walking involved, but I think it's going to be OK until things get back to normal. The nice thing about the M train is that most of it's above ground and it was a beautifully sunny morning, so it made Monday morning a wee bit more bearable.

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