Thursday, November 1, 2012

Getting Back On Track...

New York is slowly getting back on track after Sandy. 

There's limited services running on buses and subways - with all fares waived for today. Taxi's are back on the roads but have been ordered to pick up multiple passengers. I think most of the bridges are back  open now too.

There's still a lot of people in Manhattan and Brooklyn without power - and that has effected things like the traffic lights in lower Manhattan too. This is dangerous enough during the day but at night, with the street lamps out as well, it becomes incredibly dangerous at the big crossroads and junctions.

The power is still out at work, so we're all still spread out around Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, all working from home (getting slight cabin fever).

Abi and I are stranded in Brooklyn though due to the limited subway lines that are open. There are no subways running in lower Manhattan or in our area of Brooklyn, so all our links to town are gone. You can see how limited the subway travel is on this map - all the blank areas are usually full of train stops...

We're still very grateful that we've got power and internet and that we can walk to the supermarket down the road. Hopefully more trains will be running by the weekend and if not, Monday. I'll keep you posted.

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