Sunday, November 4, 2012

Beating The Queues...

As Abi and I stood on Bedford and Myrtle waiting for the bus we saw car, after car, after car queueing to get to the petrol station. There were some newspaper reporters talking to one driver who said she had been waiting in line since 6am (this was at around 10.45am!).

As we stood there waiting these three walked passed carrying petrol cans to take back to their car - it seems to make far more sense to walk a couple of miles to get petrol rather than drive, but it sounds like even the queues for people carrying petrol cans are hours and hours long.

A few minutes later a petrol tanker drove down the road, I expect every driver in the queue breathed a huge sigh of relief seeing that roll by (as long as it was full I suppose!).

I wonder how long this petrol shortage is going to last.

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