Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Patiently Waiting...

As we walked to the Lincoln Center we passed the Trump Hotel by the park, we could hear a load of screaming from round the corner, and as we got closer we could see a load of girls behind barricades infront of the hotel...  

They were all patiently waiting for a glimpse of... ONE DIRECTION!

The odd thing was, Abi and I were able to just walk along the pavement infront of the barriers, we could have even walked up into the hotel if we wanted... I suppose we don't look like the usual One Direction fan though... but still, I may have wanted to give Harry a hug.

We walked round the side of the hotel only to see the same there too, they had both exits covered. This was during their school day! The school attendance records probably plummet every time One Direction are in town.

Actually, I think Justin Bieber was in New York that day too, so I doubt any teenage girls were at school yesterday!

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