Wednesday, September 11, 2013


At lunchtime today Abi and I escaped the uncomfortably humid heat (back in the mid 30's!!!) and went to get a roast pork sandwich from Porchetta...

We'd been wanting to sample their porky goodness since seeing them carving up the crispy pig at Smorgasburg a few weeks ago - and we happened to pass their little shop in the village by complete accident today... so it was fate.

The shop itself is lovely and small, just a few stools around the wall and window, a small counter with infront of a tiny kitchen, cooking only a few things but mainly big hunks of pork with perfect crackling.

The sandwich was very simple. No fancy sauces, no leafs, no sides... just pork and bread - and that's all it needed to be, it was DELICIOUS!

We just shared one sandwich, which seemed like enough, but I think we could have happily eaten a plate full of just pork - it was so tender and the crackling was so crispy... it was so good. All the pork's free range, or organic, or something - it's from happy pigs anyway, and we were very happy to be eating their sandwiches.

We were so glad to find it, and very glad that they had air conditioning - it was a bit of a sticky journey back to the studio, but it was all worth it.

(None of these photos are mine, I borrowed them from Zagat, I hope they don't mind)

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