Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Great Scott!

On Saturday, I was walking passed the Flat Iron Building an noticed a very lovely looking Delorian parked in the pedestrianised area...

As I walked up to it to take some photos I noticed that I walking through the middle of some street theatre...

There, sitting at the tables was Marty McFly and his girlfriend... Doc Brown was trying to tell him that he had to come back in time with him before something awful happened... and then ANOTHER Marty McFly and his girlfriend appeared!

(Sorry the sound's rubbish!)

I think it took a wee while for people (including me) to twig what was going on, but then I noticed that there were lots of cameras set up at different angles, so they must have been filming it for something.

Good ol' New York - there's always something exciting happening somewhere!

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