Saturday, September 7, 2013

Argentinian Meat Feast...

Yesterday evening we went to El Almacen for tea. We'd been a couple of times before, once a couple of years ago in the winter (Abi had some guacamole mashed potatoes and an amazing steak) and once for brunch, probably a year ago (I had the most amazing breakfast sandwich!) - so it was nice to go back on such a lovely end-of-summery evening.

We sat outside in their courtyardy bit, with nice lights and little rickety tables and chairs, and ordered what can only be described as an Argentinian Meat Mountain...

It came on a tree stump and looked pretty heavy when the waiter was carrying it... it had everything - short rib, steak, chorizo sausage, blood sausage (black pudding) and sweetbreads, it came with fries and some delicious dips and we got some avocado fries too (just incase the meat wasn't enough).

I'm glad we checked with the waitress first about sharing, she said that she's seen some people eat it all themselves though!!! The steak was 18oz, the short ribs were 8oz and the sausages must have been 6oz each and probably 6oz or sweetbreads too... it was a LOT of meat for one person.... but the perfect amount for two.

It was absolutely AMAZING! The meat at El Almacen has always been fantastic, the steak was so delicious and sausages were amazing, even the sweetbreads tasted yummy.

It was blummin' filling - we weren't hungry until lunch time today! But now I'm thinking and writing about it, I think I could eat it all over again tonight...

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