Saturday, September 7, 2013

Clarke's Standard Burgers...

There's a new burger place that's just opened right round the corner from the studio, so it was only right that Abi and I went to try it to see if Clarke's Standard Burger were worthy of our Top 5 list...

The design of the place is brilliant, it's all done in old 50's Americana style, with old ice machines and old weighing scales on the counters, great typography all over the walls and brilliant framed pictures all over the place, the tables and chairs were lovely too (although I didn't take any photos of those)...

 But we weren't there for the interior design, we were there for meat!

Even the burger was presented in a brilliant way, in a nice little box, holding the burger upright, on a metal tray with a little napkin... so far so good!

Clarke's Standard is where Good Burger used to be, and Good Burgers - although fast food - were very good burgers, so we were hoping that they'd be at least as good as their predecessor.

They were very tasty, and the sweet potato waffle fries were great too... but, as tasty as it was, I don't think it's up there with Shake Shack, Corner Bistro or the Burger Joint. I think we need to try a couple of more though, just to make sure.

In other burger related news, one of the places in our Top 5 has closed! Stand4 is no more. So there's a vacancy in the Top 5 Burgers in NYC... we'd better get a move on and a replacement.

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