Sunday, September 29, 2013

Del Frisco's...

When we first moved to New York we got in a yellow taxi and saw an advert for a very New Yorky looking steakhouse, then very smiley man on the advert said 'Welcome to Del Frisco's!'. We laughed a bit as there was a shot of André Agasee eating there, and there were towers of onions rings being served, but we both told each other that we'd go there one day.

We were trying to work out where we should go for our last New Yorky meal, and it dawned on us that we should go and get a big steak at Del Frisco's, so last night - that's what we did.

The restaurant is right by the Rockefeller Center, so walking there from the park was lovely, we got to see 30 Rock and the Radio City Music Hall one last time...

 The restaurant was fantastic, it was so New Yorky, with dark wood and big leather seats, fat cats at the bar chomping on cigars, waiters with bow-ties and white linen table-cloths... it felt like we were in a film or something.

The steaks were absolutely AMAZING! They were some of, if not THE best steaks we'd ever had, they were so delicious and tender and they had a bit of peppering on them... Mmmm!!!

The whole thing was perfect, the meal, the staff (we had two visits from the Maitre D - who looked just like Stanley Tucci), the atmosphere, the view (we could see the Rockefeller Tower from out table), everything.

It was such a special way to end our last Saturday in New York, and a great way to finish of such an amazing adventure.

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  1. We have all enjoyed reading about your exploits in NYC over the past 5 years. It's been great to share all the fun and what a great way to celebrate the end of an era by eating out at Del Frisco's.
    Now we'll look forward to way way west.
    Bon voyage!!!