Sunday, May 12, 2013

Seth Godin...

On Friday Abi and I went along to our first (of what will hopefully be many) Creative Mornings. Creative Mornings is an amazing organisation that set up free talks around America for people like us to go along to. 

Every month they invite a speaker to talk on a set topic, then we get to go along, enjoy some free croissants and coffee and then get incredibly inspired by the speaker before we've even started work!

So on Friday morning we went to hear Seth Godin talk at the Tishman Auditorium round the corner from the studio...

Seth Godin's given a lot of great talks and we've watched a few of them at work, he's a bit of a marketing and business guru, but he's not like a marketing of business person. He has such a great way of thinking and a brilliant way of communicating his ideas.

He's had 17 best selling books and talks all over the world, so it was a bit of a big deal for him to talking at one of these free events - which explained why the tickets sold out in 45 seconds!!!!

Needless to say it was an amazing talk. He was so funny and insightful and incredibly inspiring - a lot of the things he talked about were things that Abi and I have been talking/getting frustrated about recently - so it was perfect timing to be hearing all his pearls of wisdom.

The talk was full of nuggets that we took away with us, I left wanting to hear the whole talk again - luckily Creative Mornings put all their talks up on the internet so I'll be able to. Once they've posted it on their vimeo site I can highly recommend watching it here.

I've been incredibly lucky these passed 3-4 years with the amazing design talks I've been able to go to in New York (and with Offset in Dublin!) - Stefan Sagmiester, Ian Wright, Anthony Burrill, Paula Scher, Aaron Draplin, Jon Contino, people from Google, Facebook and MTV... there have been so many and they've all given me some little bit of inspiration that's stuck with me.

Hopefully there'll be lots more talks to come in the rest of the year. 

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