Saturday, August 3, 2013


The rain stopped and the sun finally came out this afternoon so we cycled over to Williamsburg for some Smorgasburg action...

Smorgasburg is a big gathering of food vendors from around New York, they all have a little stall and sell a couple of their signature dishes. It happens every week down by the river and for some reason (which is now a complete mystery) we'd never been.

 There was SO much to choose from, I think we could have quite happily tried a little bit of everything, but we'd have gone away broke if we did. We managed to control ourselves and just try two things, the first - BACON STICKS!

Big, thick, juicy slabs of bacon on a stick, sprinkled with something or other and then drizzled with maple syrup... they were AMAZING!

Then it was a toss-up between a roast pork sandwich from Porchetta, or a smoked brisket sandwich from Mighty Quinn's BBQ. In the name of BBQ research we went for the brisket...

It was very, very, veeeeeeeeery good... it was some of the most delicious brisket we'd had, definitely up there with Fette Sau. So now that means we've got to go to the Mighty Quinn's restaurant and try all of the other delicious BBQ they do. It's not in Brooklyn, so our BBQ survey will now have to stretch to the other boroughs, but we don't mind.

The Porchetta roast pork (and crackling!) sandwich will have to wait til next time, it did look incredibly good though. They've got a restaurant not too far away from work (very close to Mighty Quinns actually) so we might be popping there very soon.

I think with all our cycling today we might have only worked off half of the bacon stick, but it was so delicious. America certainly know how to do their meat well.

BBQ - check.
Bacon - check.

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