Tuesday, August 6, 2013


It was a bit of a spur of the moment thing, but last night we went to Roberta's...

It might not look much from the outside, but Roberta's is said to have the best pizza in New York and is always in magazines and on telly. One of the special things abouts Roberta's is that they grow a lot of their produce on their roof top garden and they other produce from local suppliers.

The owners of Roberta's were also at the forefront of the underground rooftop beekeeping scene in Brooklyn, while it was still illegal.

We've been wanting to go and eat at Roberta's for ages, then last time we tried to go at the weekend we were told that the wait was 'only 90 minutes'... and apparently there's always a wait, but luckily we walked straight in yesterday – straight through the shabby red curtain...

 and into the lovely cabin-y dining room...

It smelt amazing as soon as we walked in, and you see the chefs cooking the pizzas which instantly makes you hungry.

We were sitting next to a nice family who offered for us to try their pizza before we ordered - and even gave us some of their scallops to try (we must have been starring a lot). We passed on trying their pizza and ordered our own delicious one instead.

The food was absolutely incredible! Taking Lombardi's out of the picture (it's an institution so it's in a league of it's own) this was definitely the best pizza I've had in New York. It was amazing.

The atmosphere was great in there too, it's very relaxed and friendly. There's a lovely garden outside, with some converted shipping containers as extra dining rooms and another bar.

Also outside, through the garden, is a secret experimentation kitchen. We've only even seen it on the telly, but it's completely different to the pizza restaurant, it's all white, clean, modern and minimal and it serves super fancy, tiny portions to very small parties... I'm not sure how you get to eat there, but it's probably very expensive and very exclusive.

I love that you could just walk passed the breeze block and corrugated iron clad walls of Roberta's and not thing there was anything there, but you walk through the curtain into a secret pizza palace. It's in a really industrial area of Brooklyn with only a handful of other shops near by, but it draws huge crowds all the time, so we were lucky to walk right in.

Hopefully we'll be as lucky another time, because we're definitely going back!

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