Saturday, August 24, 2013

Lonely Bouquet...

The other day Abi and I went for a little walk along the Highline after work and noticed this lonely bouquet resting on the stairs...

The note says:

Adopt me, please!
I'm a Lonely Bouquet.
I'm all alone and looking for
a new home.
#lonely bouquet

So I looked up David Beahm Design and it turns out that he's an events styler (?) in New York and whenever he has an abundance of flowers left over from events, rather than throw them away, he leaves these 'lonely bouquets' around the city for people to enjoy.

It's a clever bit of eco-friendly-self-promotion.

We didn't take the bouquet, we thought'd we'd leave it for someone else to enjoy/thought it might have been a bomb/thought it might have been covered in tramps wee.

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