Sunday, August 25, 2013

Made in America...

We went to Story (that shop that changes it's them every couple of months) to see the 'Made in America' collection.

As you'd probably guess, everything that was being sold in the shop had been made in America - and they'd curated it so that product from the East Coast were sold on the right side of the shop, West was on the left, North was at the back (top) and South was at the front of the shop.

There was lots of really lovely things for sale - and lots of extremely expensive things to! It seems you can whack on an extra $50 if it's been made in the USA!

They had some particularly lovely things from the Detroit Denim Co., as well as jeans, they made some really lovely looking aprons and bags...

There were also some very nice leather and suede things...

 This leather was SO soft and thin. There were also so lovely shirts that were made from American cotton - they were SO soft, it'd be lovely to have an American Cotton blanket that was that soft.

I also really liked these little wash-bags...

It's not nearly as nice as my Home Sewn wash-bag, but I do like the natural coloured canvas and leather mixed with the really bright zip (which coincidentally matches Abi's bracelet!)

The idea of the Story shop is brilliant, and they always have really interesting products and stories no matter what the theme of the shop is... it's just a swizz everything was a bit out of our price range, but I suppose you pay for the hand-made aspect and the craft that's gone into each product rather than the machine that's churned them out somewhere on the other side of the world.

The market for local hand-made stuff definitely seems to be growing though!

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