Saturday, June 1, 2013


This afternoon we had some of the most amazingly deliciously smokey BBQ from The Smokeline!

The Smokeline is little BBQ spot that's been set up on the Highline - serving up Brisket, Beef Ribs, Pork Ribs and all sorts of other delicious meaty goodness...

It's an outpost of Delaney BBQ - who have a restaurant in Brooklyn called Brisket Town. We've actually been meaning to go there for a while now, so it was great to be able to try some of their BBQ out in the sun on the Highline.

The Brisket was mighty fine (not quite as good as Fette Sau though) but the Pork Ribs were absolutely AMAZING! They were some of the best ribs I've ever had, they were definitely up there with Rendezvous in Memphis!

We're going to be paying a visit to Brisket Town VERY soon for some more of their delicious BBQ!

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