Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hidden Keys...

When I was out on my bike this afternoon I was cycling under the big BQE overpass and spotted, right in the bottom corner, in a dingy looking corner, surrounded by rubbish... a grand piano!

I cycled over to take a proper look and saw that it had been put there as part of a project called Soundwaves...

The project was actually the mural on the wall, and the sign doesn't say anything about the piano, but I'm guessing it's all part of the same thing?

The piano had been painted by a street artists who's work is usually scribbled on walls and doors around Brooklyn...

I noticed that the bolt on the lid wasn't locked, so I carefully lifted the lid, half expecting to see a family of rats under there. Luckily the coast was clear, and as there wasn't really anyone about I sat down and had a play!

It was such a funny feeling, sitting down and playing a piano under a big overpass and being in the middle of two big busy main roads - but it was great!

I got a bit shy when two other cyclists came by and stopped, so I quickly shut the lid and cycled away - but I'd love to go back and play it again... it sounded lovely, it was in tune and everything.

It was such a lovely thing to find.

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