Saturday, June 22, 2013

Renegade Craft Fair...

This weekend it was the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn.

I remember going to the craft fair the first year I was here, when it was over in McCarren Park - it seems to have grown and grown, and this year it was held down by the river North 8th Street.
There were all sorts of stalls, people selling jewellery, hand-made bags, ceramics, leather wallets and lots and lots of screen prints.

There was one stall selling DIY Print kits which I'd seen on the internet and had been very tempted by. To draw the crowds they were giving away free screen-prints which they were printing there and then...

They were also making t-shirts which they were selling for just $5!

(Sorry about the language!)

So I got one.

The stall I was wanting to find was the one run by Two Arms Inc. a design and printing studio in Brooklyn who do lots of fantastic screen printed gig posts and prints. I've already got a couple few of their prints but it was great to meet the people who actually made them and buy something from them in person.

I bought the print in the middle, and got the two beer prints for free! All I had to do was mention a secret code that they mentioned on Instagram.

The guy from Two Arms - Mike - was so friendly and was saying how he and Karen (the second arm) started up printing in their kitchen with the an old IKEA with a couple of hinges and they've only recently moved to a proper studio. So it was encouraging to think that you don't need a fancy dan studio space to create and sell brilliant prints.

I could only walk around the craft fair for so long - the heat and smell of BBQ were getting to me. So I strolled back to the subway and spent the rest of the afternoon up on the roof enjoying the amazing sunshine with Abi.

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