Friday, June 7, 2013

Secret Walls...

Last night I went along to the Secret Walls Art Battle at the Ace Hotel...

Secret Walls was set up in the UK, organising 'underground' art battles, using social media and word of mouth to get news out that the battles were happening. Each battle is either between two artists, or two teams of artists, each having 90 minutes to create a completely original black and white mural.

The artists aren't allowed to sketch any ideas up first, they're not allowed to use an reference material - just a big white wall and some black pens and paint and their imagination... and 200 people watching them! At the end of the 90 minutes the judges, and crowd decide who wins.

So last nights battle was between two teams, one with two advertising creatives (one of them works in the same building as us, at The Brooklyn Brothers) and the other with two illustrators - Jeremyville (from Australia, but now living in Brooklyn) and Buff Monster (from Brooklyn).

It felt a bit awkward at first as I went on my own - but it was really nice to see some people from some other events, someone from the YCN judging came and said hello and then I got talking to someone from South Africa who was now working in London, and then I met a couple of guys who went to Leeds Uni and know some people from our London studio!

It's a small world!

It was a really fun night, it was great to meet some new people and to see some artists that I admire doing some live work, and the freebies were pretty good too (it was an open bar!).

I think Buff Monster and Jeremyville were the winners of the night!

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