Sunday, March 13, 2011


Well, what a coincidence - after talking about Juniors cheesecake yesterday, I ended up going there for brunch today!

James (a friend of Steve in Leeds) lives just a few minutes away from Juniors (just a couple of train stops away from us), so I met up with him for some eggs benedict this morning/afternoon. I'd been wanting to go to Juniors ever since I was told about it not long after I first arrived - so it was nice to finally get round to going.

It feels very old fashioned inside, but in a good way and it was full of all sorts of different, fascinating New Yorky people - I could have quite happily have sat in there all day watching all the people come and go.

Their cheesecakes did look good, but if I'm going to sample the supposed 'best cheesecake in New York' I need the expert by my side - so I have no doubt that Abi and will be trying their cheesecake out before long!

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  1. (Pops again!) Your next challenge is to find the restaurant that sells the best hot dog and cheesecake combination - the pair of you would be in heaven.