Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New York Burger Map...

Someone beat us to it - All You Can Eat Press have released a lovely New York Burger Map.
It arrived yesterday in a greaseproof bag, complete with a face-wipe...

The map breakfast the burgers down into different categories, from gourmet burgers, classic burgers, pub burgers etc.

There are 41 burgers listed in total - so Abi and I have some work to do to get round them all. I think we've tackled the main ones though... we'll use this map as 'research' for our own burger guide.

In other burger news - unfortunately one of our favourite places to go for a burger, Stand4, has closed. We went to go and have an afterwork burger the other day and were very disappointed to see it all locked up with the lights off... It was one of our Top 5 burgers, so now there's a spot open for a new contender... stay tuned!

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