Saturday, July 13, 2013

Leisure Life NYC...

Today, on our way back from a bit of brunch at Putnam's we came across a new shop on Myrtle Avenue - Leisure Life NYC...

Selling all sorts of vintage sports clothes as well as handmade leather bags, wallets, vintage bandanas, old pennants, sunglasses... and anything else a Brooklyn gent might need.

Everything looked fantastic, and the shop itself was beautiful...

 The owner was really friendly, he was called Charnier and told us how he's hoping to host events at the shop, having music and screenings and stuff happening through-out the year. It sounds like it's going to be a fantastic edition to Myrtle Avenue.

Amongst all the other lovely things on sale, there was a great selection of vintage sports pennants, most of them were from the 60's, there were a couple of ones that I'd have loved - one for Central Park Zoo and one for the Bronx Zoo, but they were a wee bit pricey, they were about $80 each. They were about a third of the size of my Giants pennant that I got from Philadelphia, which is from the 30's... which made me realise that I got a blummin' good deal getting mine for just $30! I'd better hang on to it.
It'll great to see if more shops like Leisure Life open up on Myrtle, there are plenty of empty shop units to choose from! 

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