Saturday, May 7, 2011

Brooklyn Stoops...

Last Sunday, when Abi's friends were here we all went to the new Brooklyn Stoops Café for some breakfast. Today Abi and I went back to try out their luncheon menu - it was just as good as their breakfast...

It's about 5 minutes walk (a couple of blocks) from our front door, and is a really friendly little place. The people there recognised us, despite having only been there once and I spotted someone in there that was there last weekend, so I think it's probably very much a 'locals' kind of place - our plan is to become one of those 'locals'.

We some tasty panini's and some little nibbley mozzarella sticks and chicken wings and sat by the window people watching. It's pretty ideal little place for people watching.

We noticed last time that the cafe has a lovely looking garden round the back, with decking and some BBQ grills, so hopefully when they've finished out there, it'll open and we'll be able to enjoy the sunshine with some BBQ burgers on sunny Sunday afternoons.

It's great that it's so close, hopefully it'll stay open - I suppose it's up to people like us to keep going there to make sure it stays put. There's also a little bar next door (that we went to last summer) called Project Parlor, maybe there'll be some other new little places opening in our neighbourhood soon... who knows?!

What I do know is, we'll be going back there soon - probably next weekend for a cup of coffee!

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