Monday, October 4, 2010

Row, Row, Row Your Boat...

As we knew then weather was going to be nice on Saturday, we planned to go and have a little row on the lake by the boathouse in the park. Unfortunately, we got a little too distracted by two-story burgers and roller discos, so by the time we got to the boathouse it was closed.

It didn't matter though, we were quite happy to walk around the lake, over the lovely white Bow Bridge across to the other side to a little nook and sit on a bench and watch everyone else on the lake.

It felt so peaceful on our bench, watching all the different rowing styles, watching the boyfriends trying to impress their girlfriends with their rowing (while the girls are texting or calling their friends), watching the fathers teaching their little boys to row, watching the husbands lying back and instructing their wives how not to row, watching the big-headed men making sure everyone else could see how fast they were at going, watching the students trying to take photos for an art project but taking too long and missing the sunlight, watching the people go round and round in circles because they just can't get co-ordinated... I wonder what people will think when we finally get to go on the lake and have a row... I wonder which category we'll fall into...?

It was such a peaceful late afternoon, it felt just like a Sunday afternoon - so it was made even more perfect knowing that we didn't have to get up early the following morning.

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