Thursday, October 21, 2010

For Duck's Sake...

On Tuesday evening we all went out for a big work doo to welcome Laura (a new account manager that's joining in a week or so, we also had Alex and Kelly in town from Arkansas and Ben from Leeds, so there was a big crowd of us and for once we felt like a proper office-team.

We all went to the Peking Duck House in China Town for a huuuuuuge meal (too huge). Amelia and Malvina had raved about the Duck House ever since they both went, and they stunk out the office eating left-overs for the three days following. So we thought we'd all go.

If you order the duck, they bring the whole duck to your table, show it to you and then start carving it on a trolley at the table. Then they make your pancakes for you... now, I wasn't too happy about this bit - making the pancakes is half the fun!

As there was 11 of us, we ordered rather a lot of food - our banquet consisted of (in order)...

Fried Prawns,
Spring Rolls,
Lettuce Wraps,
Duck Pancakes,
Thick Noodles and Vegetables,
Thin Noodles and Vegetables,
Orangey Chicken,
Crispy Spicy Beef,
Steak and Pak Choi,
Garlic Shrimp,
and finally Fried Bananas.

Needless to say there was a fair bit left over, so Abi and decided not to waste it and we took it home and had it for tea last night.

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  1. OH MY! This sounds a feast, a very tasty feast...

    I bet it feels good to have a full office now with plenty of people around. I can imagine the office has a different atmosphere'll be lovely to move the group over to your new office - will the green dogs go too? I'm looking forward to having a look (maybe) in Feb!