Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bowling Green & Wall Street...

On Friday morning we went down to Bowling Green to get the Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty, unfortunately the queues were MASSIVE, so we decided that we'd rather not spend hours waiting and we'd just sit and admire it from a bench instead... it still looked beautiful.

(An over saturated market perhaps? There were 7 human statues in a row...)

We strolled around and took some photos and walked around the WWII Memorial which is very moving and very impressive, they have all the soldier's names on huge white concrete slabs that are standing infront of a big Eagle Sculpture.

After that we wandered round the corner to find Wall Street...

I hadn't realised how close the Charging Bull statue was to the Bowling Green subway station, so we went to find it... unfortunately walking from Bowling Green the first sight you get of the Bull is his... er... locks... his Bull-locks! There were two middle aged men who seemed to taking an fair few photos of themselves squatting very very closely to these said body parts, and resting their hands quite unfortunately on them...

I thought I'd spare you my photo of that and show you the nicer end of the statue instead.

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