Saturday, December 1, 2012

Wonder Wall...

I stumbled across this amazing wall of wheat-pastings this afternoon...

It had Faile, Obey, Bast and Cost all together in one place.

I remember seeing some of the same Faile pieces (like the spaceship) on some walls in Greenwich Village on my very first trip to New York in 2004, in my first year at Uni. It's funny seeing them now, now that I'm living here!

As I was leaving the area where these pastings are, I passed a group of people who looked they were on a walking tour - they were talking about Faile, so I think they must have been on a street-art walking tour.

Looking at the prices of some of those tours, I'm thinking I could make myself some extra pocket money and run my own. I've managed to find blummin' loads of different pieces all around Brooklyn.

If only Segways were legal, I could set up a Segway Street Art Tour!

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