Saturday, December 1, 2012


When I've been mooching about Williamsburg I've noticed more and more new shops popping up (must be a good sign!), especially around Wythe and Kent Avenue, around North 3rd street. There are lots of new apartments, new restaurants, new studio spaces and lots of lovely new shops.

I was in that area again today and found a shop called Dépanneur, a lovely little deli/coffee shop selling all sorts of delicious things...

 (These photos aren't mine, so thank you to whoever's photos these are from google)

They had lots of foodie stuff from Brooklyn suppliers, like McClures Pickles and Empire Mayonnaise - but they also lots of treats from home... this is where we got our advent calendar from!

They had a fantastic looking cheese counter, and lots of lovely meats for their tasty looking sandwiches.   Everything was beautifully presented and looked like it was all made with fresh ingredients.

One of things I really loved (other than the British sweeties) were the big chalkboards behind the counters. They had some brilliant chalk typography on there...

The whole shop looked fantastic and I wish I hadn't already had lunch so I could have tried one of their sandwiches - I have a feeling we'll be popping back though. Even just to get a bag of Hula Hoops!

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